Wood-based Melamine-faced panels

All our furniture is made of wood-based Melamine-faced panels which are created by high pressure heat bonding impregnated paper to particleboard or MDF to provide a highly wear and water resistant product surface finish.

Melamine-faced panels are used for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and office furniture in a variety of fashionable designs and textures.

We are proud of the environmental role we play in the overall wood supply chain ensuring the lowest possible environmental impact to soil, water and air.

When producing wood-based panels we promote maximum recycling as well as accelerating recycling of wood residue from other producers.

We are professional experts of effective use of timber. Recycling, observing water, energy using and reusing waste material helps us to grow up.

Blum's hinges

Blum's wide range of hinges gives you the right solution for almost every application, delivering top quality motion and soft and effortless closing to every cabinet door.

Soft-close BLUMOTION adapts to the dynamics of every door. So all doors have a smooth closing action regardless of size, weight or force with which you close them.

For us, design elegance is a perfect combination of function and form. That’s what makes CLIP top BLUMOTION so outstanding.

Tandem runner system

The concealed runner system for wooden drawers has a feather-light glide and brings enhanced user convenience to the entire home. The versatile TANDEM range has the right solution for every item of furniture.

TANDEM gives you the right solution for every room with a wide range of nominal lengths, load bearing capacities of 30 and 50 kg and a choice of single or full extension.

Drawer assembly is quick and easy. Simply use the locking device or hook and peg feature.

All FurniStudio furniture has connection system that delivers perfectly aligned wood joints without the use of tools, furniture screws or glues.

Let’s reach the goal of lowest environmental impact together!